Don’t be scared of failure


Many a time, I have stumbled and fall. When I fall, instead of rising to my feet, I dwell in self pity, self torment and shame.

My childhood days in primary school weren’t pleasant. I once overhead my teacher telling my mum that my skull is blocked and at the end of every session, I find myself repeating class over and over again.

What of the singing competition I went to? Although I had the mindset of setting out to have fun and not to win. Well, I was heartbroken when the judge said a NO to me during the audition. I found my spirit sunk into the ground.

I wrote POST UTME three times before I could secure admission into college. Not that I wasn’t brilliant, honestly speaking, I never got below 200 and yet, admission took three years to knock at the door. The trauma of reading for the same exam over and over again made me look empty and depressed.

I have passed through a lot of failures which I couldn’t possibly include in this article but one remarkable thing I have learnt over the years was; “To succeed, you must fail.” It might sound unbelievable right? why not take time and study the lives of people who have greatly impacted on the world? They had one thing in common – they were once failures. They were once like you, not that they have passed the phase of failure, rather they have learn that the secret of been successful is being a failure.

Henry Ford – Ford has become a role model to all business men and women including young entrepreneurs aspiring to be successful in business. Ford wasn’t an immediate success as you might think. Frankly speaking, he failed five whole times before he could rose to stardom. Believe me, he was determined. Failing in business entails losing more and more money but he didn’t allow it to stop him.

• Charles Darwin – He’s an icon in the arena of scientific studies. In his earlier years, he abandoned his medical career and was labeled lazy by his father. I began to wonder, would he have made impact if he had continued in what seemed easy? Now judge the end of his story.

• Thomas Edison – This great inventor failed 1000 times trying to invent the light bulb. He was determined, probably because of his phobia for darkness. Anyway, i usually find myself giving up if I failed over 3 time but this prestigious man have taught me a lesson. Don’t just give up, keep trying until it work out.

• Linda Ikeji –  When I read the story of this lady, I shade tears. It entails passion and perseverance in whatever you find yourself doing. She has always dreamed of being a journalist which didn’t work out well, she resorted to magazine production which went bankrupt and landed her in cell for failing to pay her lenders. Now, she is called the mother of bloggers here in Nigeria.

Mohammed Buhari – He unsuccessfully ran for the office of the president three times here in Nigeria. He finally emerge as the winner in the 2014 presidential election. Don’t give up! You can soar through despite the blockade.

I could go on and on just to list great men and women who were once failures with an aim to motivate you. To convince you that failure is not really failure until you have given up.

Failure is an unavoidable phenomenon that we must face every time in life. The biggest risk is not taking risk at all. In a world that is fast transiting, the only strategy that is doomed to fail is not taking risk.

This is the time to stand up, fall, stand up again, try again, fall again and fall better. In every failure, a lesson is learned. Through our failures and mistakes, we grow in courage and bravery.

Have you ever wondered what life will look like if we are so good at every thing? It will be so boring, unfulfilling, unsatisfying, and above all, blind us from our purpose meant to be accomplished here on earth.

Don’t be afraid to fail, embrace it! Through failure, our purpose is revealed.


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